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Welcome to Elite Office Systems.

Since 1981, Elite is still managed by the same owners and directors. They have 36 well trained staff members which includes 8 fully trained technical engineers. Many of them have been with the company more than 20 years.

During this period Elite Minolta (Pty) Ltd has always met the high requirements and standards of an official Minolco Dealer, that is, they have made their targets on an annual basis and provided the Rustenburg area with reliable service.

Elite Office Systems is a company involved with the planning, supply, installation as well as the maintenance of Office Furniture and Equipment.

Apart from the fact that they have supplied and services the North West Area since March 1981, they are well known for their ability to keep up with the changing trends in the Office Environment as well as Interior Designing. Their customers range from corporate to the private individual, therefore they supply a large range of furniture to suit the individual office requirements.

Furthermore, they allow scope for change so that shifting needs and new requirements can be met with ease. For this reason they make use of reliable, well established manufacturers who assist them to be able to provide the best service possible.

The management and staff thank you for your valued support and assure you of their best service and attention at all times.
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